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You are shopping online; suddenly, while placing an order, the information you spent five minutes entering is mysteriously erased. Or maybe you have a question but cannot find the “Contact Us” button. What began as a simple shopping excursion has become an exasperating experience, enough to make you leave the site and never return. Although these problems are likely the fault of the site’s designer, ultimately, it is the company that loses the customer. The fact is, a good website can make a company look knowledgeable, professional and trustworthy, while a bad one can result in lost business.

Million Dollar Website provides easy-to-follow steps and methods for improving your website’s “user experience.” With simple guides to user-friendly design, user feedback, web-first writing and more, this book will teach small business owners how to set up a superior website that will keep customers satisfied and coming back.

Once you’ve read the book, check back for a reference list of online resources!  If you have questions for Lori or want her company (Get Creative, Inc.) to work on your website, please visit  Thanks!

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